Covid Safe Tailor

Lets Fight Corona Together

At TailorCue we understand your safety concerns and hence with every order, we ensure that it meets following safety criteria.

Contact-less Delivery:- To ensure minimum contact during delivery, our delivery person will leave your package with your security guard or leave it on your doorstep. You will get a call confirmation of your delivery.

Free Face Mask With Every/Any Order:- Till the time corona is around, we are delivering all our orders with free face masks. Though we take utmost care in our factory and outlet to ensure a sanitised environment yet it is advised to wear a mask while making the first contact with your package.

Compulsory Temperature Checks:- We make sure that all our employees and tailors ensure highest standards of hygiene, and they are checked through temperature guns and sanitisers to make sure your garments are stitched in a non-contaminated environment.

Covid safe delivery:- All of our delivery and measurement taking staff wear masks and practice good hand hygiene. Alongside their Arogya app status is checked every day to ensure safety.


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