Kurta Pajama

Kurta - Pajama


Kurta Pajama is a traditional Indian ethnic wear for men. It traces its origin from Central Asian nomadic tunics when they moved into India here with time Kurta Pajama got stylised and spiced up.
Kurta Pajama is the go-to comfort cloth for Indian men, it has a loose upper, with side slits purposely made to be airy and light. Mostly solid colour or embroidered with beads and colourful threads to function as party wear. Shorter variation of Kurta that extends till waist is called a Kurti.
Fabrics for kurta: popular ones are cotton, silk, linen, khadi, chambray or brocade.
Kurta Pajama
Only Stitching
*1045₹ 5% Off
Kurta Pajama
With Fabric
*1710₹ 5% Off

Indicative Prices  

Price for Designer Kurta Pajama or Kurta Pajama with a different fabric will differ from mentioned price. Final Quote after discussion with the designer.

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